List of Bedouin gardens in the Sinai high mountains

There are hundreds of ancient Bedouin orchards in the Sinai high mountain region around the town of St Katherine, but many have been abandoned for some time. Gardens that have been looked after by their owners at least to some extent are around a hundred, and the real dedicated gardeners are around fifty. We would like to provide help to all these gardeners, but priority is given to those who suffered more serious damages and are not able to do it from own resources. Some gardens need more, others less work - the aim is to bring all gardens to the same level.

Following is a list of the most active gardeners in the high mountain region. The list will be extended if necessary - if a mountain garden has been cared for for the last 3 years, it will be listed. Gardens in settled areas are not listed.

Some of the images were taken before, some after the floods. We will update all images and add information about the garden and its owner and start a page for each at a later stage. Visitors staying at a garden will be able to share their experiences and photos on the particular page.

Amriya (Umm Saad)

Wadi Zawatin

Faraj Ahmed

Wadi Shaq Itlah

Farhan Faraj

El Hrezi

Farhan Mohamed Zidan

Farsh Rummana, Abu Jidda

Fteah Abu Rafia

Farsh Rumana

Haj Ahmed Mansour

Wadi Itlah

Hasan Abu Krishan

Wadi Itlah

Hasan Musa

Wadi Itlah

Hmeid Abu Ghalaba

Wadi Zawatin

Husein Abu Ghalaba

Farsh Rumana

Husein Abu Tarawa

Wadi Zawatin

Husein Hashash’s family

Wadi Tala

Husein Musa

Wadi Itlah

Husein Salah

Wadi Bulia

Ibrahim Salah

Wadi Tinya, Wadi Abu Tuweita

Ismain Zidan's family

Wadi Jibal

Jamea Faraj


Jamil Mbarak

Wadi Jibal

Mohamed Abu Aluan

Wadi Itlah, El Freish

Mohamed Abu Ghalaba

Farsh Rumana

Mohamed Abu Saada’s family

Naqb Abu Jeefa

Mohamed Hashash

El Ehded

Mohamed Musa Abu Krishan

Wadi Itlah

Mordi Salem

Wadi Jibal

Musa Zidan's family

Wadi Jibal

Nasr Diguni

Wadi Jinab

Ramadan Abu Sayed

Wadi Arbain

Oda Mohamed

Wadi Shaq

Oda Musa

Wadi Itlah

Saad and Ahmed Salah

Wadi Abu Tuweita

Saad Mahmoud

Wadi Tubuq and El Ehded

Salah Abu Darwish

Wadi Tubuq

Salah Abu Tarawa

Wadi Jibal

Salem and Musa

Wadi Rhazana

Salem Faraj

Wadi Jibal

Sayed el Heneny

Wadi Zawatin

Sayed Musa

Wadi Zawatin

Sbail Taya

Wadi Mathar

Shaban Ibrahim

Wadi Itlah

Sharaha Awad

Wadi Tinya

Shob Farhan

Wadi Tinya

Sobhi Abu Krishan

Wadi Itlah

Suliman Awad

Wadi Tinya, Wadi Abu Tuweita
Suliman Eid

Wadi Shrayj




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